Sebuda is the smartest and most smooth buying and selling digital assets marketplace that helps buyers and sellers experience safe and cost-effective escrow with consistent support monitoring.

Now, with Sebuda’s efficient features and in-depth insights, buyers spend less time and find the right Instagram account. Sellers discover the authentic all-in-one place to sell all your favorite digital assets.

Sebuda is a flexible solution with the idea of making a fast, easy, and safe world of buying and selling platforms to generate a satisfying escrow experience.

  • The Seller lists the account

The Seller freely lists the Instagram account by Add Accounts in Sales List and entering the Instagram username

After that Seller adds the account information and details to verify the account

Then put the price and read  and agree to the sale guidelines

The SeBuDA team reviews each account before listing it on the sale list.

  • Buyer Finds the Account

The Buyer uses filtering options and other powerful features like the compression tool to refine the search and come up with the most appropriate account.

Sebuda helps buyers with helpful filtering options, including Top Country, Top City, Gender, Categories, Price, and Followers. These metrics help you determine if the account is right for you.

The Buyer can start a real chat with the Seller and negotiate about the price and any questions with the account.

  • Buyer starts an offer

If the Seller accepts the Buyer’s offer, the Buyer clicks on Buy with Escrow, and the Seller will be notified.

 After paying for the site, the Sebuda admin receives and checks the Seller’s account information (OG Email, Instagram current email and password, and Gmail password).

  • Buyers Change the credentials

After the admin’s confirmation, the system sends the credentials to the Buyer. Now the admin schedules an appropriate time for both Seller and Buyer to be online to manage and help them to change the credential within 24 hours.

  • Secure money transfer

After 5%  commission deduction, SEBUDA security transfers the Buyer’s money to the Seller.