Rules for buyers

Rules for buyer

If you are buying any listing on, you agree to abide by these rules:

  1. There are two sales listson the site:
  • Accounts that have a large number of followers
  • List of accounts with special names or short letters.
  1. Sales lists are divided into two sections:
  • The information and analysis recognized by the site are reliable.
  • Before the final purchase is made, the admin checks the accuracy of the seller’s information. In case of misinformation, the buyer’s payment will not be made to the seller. The buyer’s money is safe and nothing to worry about.
  1. There are two payment methods:

ACryptocurrency method: we accept cryptocurrency. {USDT/USDC} are multichain stable tokens, so the price of this currency is always $1 fixed. This means that prices will never fluctuate. See this link for more help).

  • Transaction Fee: about $1 for all amounts
  • Transaction Duration: less than an hour (Depends on network business).

B. Bank method:

Extra Cost: 10% tax will be added to the purchase cost. For example, $100 account price + 10% tax = $110 must be paid.

  • Transaction Fee: It depends on your banking system.
  • Transaction Duration: 3 to 5 working days are required for transfer.
  1. On the Recently Sold accounts, you can see the trades made in the past month. It may be helpful for you to understand the prices!
  2. If you need to chat with the seller, it must be done just through the site. Any conversation is not allowed outside of
  3. The site admin never sends messages to users with miscellaneous names in the user messages section. Beware of the scammers.
  4. Payment must be made on the Sebuda website.Otherwise, there is no evidence to prove your money transfer to the seller.
  5. This site provides you with the most informed accounts for purchase, so you need to be confident in your decisions before making the payment.
  6. Use the Compare option to easily compare the three preferred Instagram accounts simultaneously to make your purchase decision with a vivid mind.
  7. OG mail (Original Email): This is the first Emailregistered on the account. So, getting this email or Gmail address from the seller is necessary to protect your Instagram account safely.
  8. Verified Account without an OG Email: The seller does not have the original Email, but they accepted the security rules, and this account is safe to buy.
  9. does not guarantee any claims or promises made by sellers, but we check and evaluate the accounts’ credibility, insights, and credential accuracy.
  10. is not responsible for what happens after the buying process. The thing you should have in mind is to check the security tips after the account purchase to avoid probable scamming.
  11. You are not allowed to get the seller’s contact information to ask your question or run the transaction outside of the Sebuda marketplace.
  • Use the Chat With Seller feature to negotiate different topics around the account, including types, history, and future opportunities.
  1. Buyers should pay only to the site. They also receive account information from the site admin.
  2. The buyer can start the transaction by pressing the “Buy it” button. After paying for the site, the site admin receives information from the seller.
  3. All transaction stepswill be done in the Escrow panel on Receiving messages through your Email or any other social media is not valid for data transfer and payment.
  4. If the admin sends a message to a user, you can access them right from your panel in the message inbox.
  5. It is possible to cancel the deal in the Escrow panel even if you are is in the payment step.
  6. After the buyer makes the payment, the admin checks all the information, instructs you to change passwords and guides you with other security tips to secure the account you bought.


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