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Boost is a free and smart way to increase the exposure of your account on the sale list. These grades help you place your account higher than other accounts on the sale list.

Boost is located in “My listing” on your dashboard; there is a boost option for each account. There are 5 Grades in front of you.

Grade E:

Just click on the” Start Grade E” button. After 24 hours, it will be expired, and you can reactivate it again.

Grade D:

To receive this grade, you must set the given link from our website on the sale account to the "Website" field on your Instagram profile. After inserting the link on your profile, press the verify button.

Grade C:

We offer you several stories; choose one of the suggested stories with a given link from our website, and please download it. Then share it as a story with a link; as long as the story with this attached link is on your account, you are using the grade C feature.

Grade B:

To activate this grade, select one of the suggested posts + caption and put it in your account.

Grade A:

To activate this particular grade, you need to activate grades B, C, and D. If a user obtained grade A, not only is his/her account placed on top of all filtered lists but it is also displayed on the recommended list in the home pages of 

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