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Tips for selling an account!


1. Enter all the information on your account honestly and carefully. Every account might be attractive to the buyers, so do not be afraid to give accurate information.

2. When you list your account, make it more active on social networks. The first point that buyers will notice is the recent activities on each account.

3. Make your account more beautiful and rearrange your profile picture, bio, highlights, post order, etc.

4. Do not choose unreasonable prices for your account. The first check “Recently sold “prices, then choose a reasonable price.

5. In the description section, explain your account briefly, practically, and not repetitively. It can be an excellent point for the buyers. If the account is for your own business, write a little about your business and explain why you will sell the account.

6. Upload new analyses of the last activities in the uploaded photos section, demonstrating your account's capabilities.

7. Share some posts on your account, at least fifty posts; buyers usually do not choose accounts with no content.

8. The best way to promote your account in the sale list is to use the “Boost ” feature.

9. In the message section, answer customers’ questions patiently, carefully, and quickly. Do not hesitate to sell. It is not a good sign.

10. Check the buyer’s account. The date of buyer’s registration on the site, the number, and previous transaction volumes can have positive points for you.

11. After asking some questions, buyers usually start talking to you again. Be patient and send them a message after a few days as a reminder.

12. Buyers usually ask about their own needs, so you can easily recognize their needs and expectations and answer all their questions to determine their needs.

13. Since some buyers are online and in touch with you from different parts of the world, it is better not to have a long and tedious conversation.

14. Do not accept a buyer's request to share a photo or story of him; an Instagram page is not like testing clothes or wearing shoes.

15. One hundred percent of those who will talk to you on the Instagram direct messenger are scammers. Do not waste your time in this way. Report the buyer to the admin.

16. Buyers care about your being law-abiding so that they follow the site's rules. Sometimes your competitors will encourage you to break the law and report them to the site.

17. Protect yourself from scams. They completely understand your sense of need for money. They attempt to invite you to other sites with different methods and excuses. Do not waste your time and energy. They are not buyers.

18. Be patient and polite with buyers, even if they treat you impolitely. The reason is that you can not have a good conversation angrily.

19. Never answer or even ask irrelevant personal questions; this may cause you to disclose your personal information.

20. Be careful in the purchase process and be patient. Buyers do not like to be forced to buy by sellers.

21. After purchasing the account, please answer the question patiently if the buyer still has some questions about the account.

22. Encourage buyers to rate you on the survey form; their scores are valuable to you.

23. If you have many accounts for sale, it is recommended to give buyers some suggestions for future purchases, such as providing a ten percent discount for the next purchase. Your relationship with buyers is valuable.

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