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Rules For Sellers


If you are creating any listing on, you agree to abide by these rules:

1. There is a whole process of adding an account to the sales list in a video on the Education. You can see if you need help.

2. You can only create a user account on for yourself and no one else.

3. You are just allowed to sell accounts that you own.

4. On the "Recently sold " accounts, see the trades made in the past month. It may be helpful for you to understand the prices!

5. Commissions and fees: When your account is sold. You have two ways to choose to get your money:

A. Cryptocurrency method: we accept cryptocurrency. (USDT/USDC are multi-chain stable tokens, so the price of this currency is always $1 fixed. It means that it will never fluctuate in price.).

a. Site Commission: 5% of the transaction amount is the site commission. 95% will be given to you. The minimum commission fee is $10.

b. Transaction Fee: about $1 for all amounts.

c. Transfer Duration: less than an hour (Depends on network business).

B. Wire transfer (bank transfer):

a. Site Commission: 10% of the transaction amount is the site commission. 90% will be given to you.

b. Transaction Fee: It depends on your banking system.

c. Transfer Duration: This may take 3 to 5 business days.

6. There are two sales lists on the site.

A. Accounts that have a large number of followers. list

B. Sales list for accounts with Special names or names with short letters or even verified


7. OG email (Original Email): This is the first email registered on your account. If you want to give this email to the buyer in the transaction, select the "YES" option when filling out the sales form. And now, this email should be on your account.

Open Instagram app >Menu >Setting >Security >Access Data > Account info> Former email addresses> view all

8. Verified Page: I do not have the original email, and I agree to get the account from the site 14 days after the money transaction. The site does this for added security for buyers. I also undertake not to change the current email on the account. All changes in the email will be recorded here!

Go to: Open Instagram app> Menu> Setting> Security> Email from Instagram.

9. Verified Page: I do not have the first email, But I do not accept that the site will block my money for 14 days.

10. Optional information: You must enter the information correctly in adding to the sales list. The admin will check your data while the transaction is checked.

Warning! If the entered information is incorrect, the transaction will not occur, and you will get a negative point.

11. Description: The description should explain what your account is about, who your audience is, what is the content of the account about? etc. When creating multiple listings, the description should be special for each of your listings.No copy paste.

Do not include contact information in the description. Buyers will message you through

You agree that we can terminate your listing for not following description guidelines.

12. Description of special name: If your account name is more than four letters, give an explanation about this name; if there is a special meaning, write an explanation about your name. Do not include contact information in the description.

13. You can upload three screenshots about insights. Photos must be free of fraud. These photos should not show your account name. Photos should only be about account reached, impressions, profile activity, or content interaction.

14. The site admin will never send messages to users with miscellaneous names in the user messages section. Beware of scammers.

15. You agree that we can terminate your listing for any reason.

16. If you break any of the rules above, your account will be terminated.

17. You are committed not to trade with a buyer outside of this site.

18. This site provides the most informed account purchase for buyers so that you can be honest in conversations and information with the buyer.

19. If we catch you trying to spam or scam our users, we will ban you without notice.

20. The Same listing cannot be posted multiple times until the old one expires or is deleted by us.

21." Boost " is a free and smart way to increase the exposure of your account on the sale list. You can find the complete guide about activating boost levels in the "Boost " section from "Education" topics.


22. The buyer can start the transaction by pressing the "Buy" button. After paying for the site, the site admin receives information from the seller. If all the information is correct, checks the information guides the buyer to log in to the account. After the buyer logs in and changes the passwords, the site gives the seller money for the account.

23. All transaction steps will be done in the Escrow panel. Email and messages are not valid for data transfer and payment.

24. The seller can reject or accept the offer. It is entirely up to the seller.

25. If the admin sends a message to a user, that message is in a separate section in the message panel.

26. If the seller has not been logged in for more than ten days, buyers of his account would not be directed to pay. A confirmation message will be sent to the seller, which may discourage buyers from buying.

Your understanding is highly appreciated, and thanks for your cooperation in keeping our community safe.

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