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Guide to +ADD Page


Category = In a simple definition, choose the topic of your account posts.


Commissions and fees: When your account is sold. You have two ways to choose to get your money:

A. Cryptocurrency method: we accept Tether cryptocurrency. (Tether is a multi-chain stable token, so the price of this currency is always $1 fixed. It means that it will never fluctuate in price).

a. Site Commission: 5% of the transaction amount is the site commission. 95% will be given to you.  

The minimum commission fee is $10.

b. Transaction Fee: about $1 for all amounts.

c. Transfer Duration: less than an hour (Depends on network business).

B. Wire transfer (bank transfer):

a. Site Commission: 10% of the transaction amount is the site commission. 90% will be given to you.

b. Transaction Fee: It depends on your banking system.

c. Transfer Duration: This may take 3 to 5 business days.

Date of joined

What day did you create your page?

Open the Instagram app and go ahead in order.

You're in control of your data on Instagram.

You can view your account data or download a copy of your data on Instagram.

Here is the date of creation of this account.

OG email / Verified page / (NOT)Verified page

OG email (Original Email): This is the first email that is registered on your account. If you want to give this email to the buyer in the transaction, select the "YES" option when filling out the sales form. And now, this email should be on your account.

Open Instagram app >Menu >Setting >Security >Access Data > Account info> Former email addresses> The lowest email in this list is OG email. If nothing else, then the email is now on the page. The email is original.

Verified page,” I agree to receive the money from the site 14 days after the buyer's transaction. This makes the buyer's rights more secure. I also undertake not to change the current email address on the account.

All changes in the email will be recorded here! Go to: Open Instagram app> Menu> Setting> Security> Email from Instagram.

Verified page.” I disagree the site holds my money for 14 days.

Insights Data (optional)

Filling in the following information is optional.

This information will be checked by the site admin when trading. In case of discrepancy, the transaction will be terminated, and you will receive a negative point from the site.

This feature is only available in the Instagram mobile app.

You need to have a business or creator account on Instagram to view insights.

Here, you will find complete information about your followers, their geographical distribution, and their gender and age separately.

Top Countries / Top Cities

Start with the top countries first.

Top countries/cities = Go to: Open Instagram app >Menu >Setting >insights > Your Audience> Total Followers > … In the middle of the list … >Top Locations > Cities / Countries


Gender = Go to: Open Instagram app >Menu >Setting >insights > Your Audience> Total Followers > … Bottom of the list … >Gender

Age Range (All)

Age range = Go to: Open Instagram app >Menu >Setting >insights > Your Audience> Total Followers > … In the middle of the list … >Age Range All (No Men or Women)


The description should explain what your account is about, who your audience is, what is the content of the account about? etc. When creating multiple listings, the description should be special for each of your listings. No copy paste.

Do not include contact information in the description.

Description for special name

If your account name is more than four letters, give an explanation about this name; if there is a special meaning, write an explanation about your name. Do not include contact information in the description.

Upload Screenshots

You can upload three screenshots of insights. Photos must be free of fraud. These photos should not show your account name. Photos should only be about account reached, impressions, profile activity, or content interaction.

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