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Frequently Asked Questions for Sebuda

Find the listing you want to buy and click "Buy" button. Follow the instructions.

You can pay with Crypto currency (tether) and Wire bank. Follow this "link" for more information.

The duration of a transaction depends on many factors (seller and buyer response speed, payment method, etc.). Follow this "link" for more details.

Each account has 10 security items that are checked by the admin at the time of the transaction, and if the account has any security problems, the buyer's money will be returned to the buyer without losing even one dollar.

Log in to your account and go to the + ADD section. In the username field, enter only the account login you want to display for sale (without @ or other signs). After that please follow the instructions on Add Listing page.

Your account must have at least 5,000 followers and be public. Also, if your page has a valuable name but does not have a large number of followers, you can register in the “+ADD special name Page” list.

You can give with Crypto currency (tether) and Wire bank. Follow this link for more information.

Pending status means that your account is under analyzing. Maximum, takes 40 mins working.

If your account has been suspended or rejected for a long time (more than 40 minutes). You must review the information you entered. This means that you may have entered the Date of joined incorrectly. So it may need your editing.

OG Email Badge Everyone who has the original email of the account has the OG badge of the email. Verified Badge anyone who does not have the original email but has accepted the site's validity rules has the Verified badge. (NOT)Verified Badge If someone does not have the original email and does not accept the validity and trust rules, it will have a do not Verified sign.

With use Boost. With Boost you can be seen more than others. Be at the top of the sales list and have a better chance.

There is no buyer fee. The seller fee is 5% of the account price, but it cannot be less than $ 10 per transaction.

Bitcoin fluctuates, but the amount of Tether is always constant. Each tether is always one dollar. We use Tether because it does not fluctuate. You can easily make a Tether wallet, Like Bitcoin.

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