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The Ultimate Guide to Sell Instagram Accounts

Are you looking for an easy and safe way to sell your Instagram accounts? Or who else wants to make money on the side?

Discovering a safe, easy, and fast place to sell Instagram accounts is absolutely key. It requires courage and conviction to leave your Instagram business to a third-party firm or middleman company on the selling road.

Yeah, revealing your Instagram account credentials and insights can put your account at risk of scamming, and this will happen due to needing details of your account because most buyers often drop out owing to a lack of account details.

Here are secrets many sellers would sacrifice money and time to learn, but it won't cost you a thing to make money from selling your Instagram accounts like a piece of cake.

Why Sell Instagram Accounts?

Well, there could be plenty of reasons on the back of selling Instagram accounts. But honestly, the most important one is making money. Who does not like a sizeable active number of followers to grow its brand awareness?

This means many business owners or individuals are eager to find the best Instagram accounts to purchase to fulfill all their marketing goals.

This is the first and most important reason of selling Instagram accounts has become one of the most popular assets for buying.

Furthermore, it is rewarding to help the community of new businesses or online shops grow quickly and easily because as the social media world expands, more people desire to join a specific niche or industry.

More of us would give up a niche that seems extremely humane to let someone else take our spot in that social media.

The most common reasons why people are selling their Instagram accounts are listed below:

  • Sellers make their Instagram accounts a valuable marketing tool as they gain more and more followers.
  • They want to make a quick profit and easily sell the account.
  • The authenticity and value of an Instagram account play a vital role in helping new and small businesses to grow.
  • Sellers might have insufficient time or interest to manage and grow the account and would rather sell it to someone who can use it.

What are the common Instagram accounts for sale?

After discovering that you can buy and sell, Instagram accounts in a safe, easy, fast marketplace that includes analytics tools with low escrow fees. Now it is time to know which types of Instagram accounts are key players in the sale list.

We can divide the most common Instagram accounts for sale into 4 main categories:

  1. Personal accounts:Personal accounts usually belong to an individual rather than a brand or business. These types of accounts may have a sizeable audience based on their popularity, lifestyle, or interests.
  2. Niche-specific accounts: To make money on Instagram, it's essential to pick a popular and profitable niche, gain more followers, improve your engagement, and increase your sale.
  3. The most popular niches revolve around traveling, beauty, fashion, health and fitness, lifestyle, and photography.

    It is a great idea to dominate your passion into your business niche to have an efficient account worth more than it seems.

  4. Business accounts:The first thing brands and businesses do in Instagram marketing is switch to a business account with a particular niche or industry. Because these accounts advertise and promote products or services, they can increase your account visibility and establish your online store
  5. Influencer accounts: Successful social media influencers can monetize their big followings, engaging and useful content. So, they are a viable option for selling in the Instagram marketplace.

How Long Does My Instagram Account Take to Sell?

How long it takes to sell an Instagram account? The most common question that most sellers worry about is whether to delegate their account to a middleman company or whether it would be better for them to get to work.

There isn't a correct answer at all, but the time it takes to sell your Instagram account is usually shorter than that the time you spend to find the right buyer to sell your account.

This is because you do not have access to a ready pool of Instagram account buyers to browse through and come up with your account.

You can typically expect to know how long your Instagram account takes to sell based on these important factors:

  • The accounts flowers
  • The account's niche
  • The account followers' quality
  • The account's background

Remember that there is no fixed rule to prove that larger accounts need a short time for sale since they have more engaged followers and are more valuable to invest in because, in some cases, smaller accounts with low follower count may take a short time to be sold.

This is because some of these Instagram accounts have active followers due to focusing on a specific niche or area.

Problems with Selling Instagram Accounts that Sebuda Solves


If the sellers are responsible for finding the right buyers and looking for their best accounts on their own, both might waste much time and expenses to reach the best one finally.

And if they could find the appropriate accounts, they mostly come up with few. A small number does not provide the best choice, and the escrow will likely be unsafe or challenging for each party..

Because the nature of social media accounts is not physical, and the two- parties on the escrow do not know each other, it is normal that none of the parties in the escrow trust the other party to pay money or deliver the account information.

Solution:With this in mind, buyers and sellers must find a safe and smart buying and selling social media accounts marketplace or middleman to cover two parties' concerns, requirements, and questions and secure payment platforms worldwide.


Some common problems go around some buying and selling Instagram marketing platforms might bother sellers in selling their Instagram accounts process:

  • The admin of the website or marketplace is involved in buying and selling appropriate accounts and selling them to potential buyers as a seller.
  • They might calculate a percentage of each escrow as their salary.
  • They receive subscription fees from buyers.
  • They get money from sellers to boost their accounts.

Solution: A platform that gives easy and fast conditions to the parties of the transaction and charges a reasonable fee for the expert; buyers often prefer to use an expert in the first place.

These services are currently only offered by a small handful of websites worldwide, such as Sebuda.


Due to the rise of social media bots and fake Instagram accounts, it isn't easy and needs the expertise to assess an account's authenticity and value.

Solution: Sebuda could solve this big concern by providing an accurate analytic tool to deliver useful and valuable account data. This could empower this market well enough for buyers and sellers to make conscious decisions.

In addition, We guarantee the security of the Instagram account transaction, including secure money transfers and account information.


Most Instagram account sellers might find paying a high commission fee in exchange for their Instagram account unfair, so they prefer to stay away from direct escrow anywhere.

Solution:Sebuda, as the smartest and most secure marketplace, provides a low escrow fee to make the atmosphere of buying and selling digital assets world safe and healthy.

It takes long experience, expertise, and strong infrastructure that many third-party can't afford to part with.

How to Sell Instagram Accounts on Sebuda?

Sebuda allows sellers to sell Instagram accounts for free using our marketplace features and capabilities, but you must have at least 2k followers to sell your account in the Sebuda Instagram marketplace. However, if you have a special username account, you can easily sell it without worrying about the number of followers, which is only suitable for short or unique names, including:

  • Short names like MNM, DDS, and so on. Single and unique names such as DAVID, DANCE, CARPET, GUITAR, and ...
  • Any Instagram account has an attractive name in a country or culture.

  1. Sign up and add your Instagram account
    • Sign up or log in on Sebuda.com with your Google/Facebook account
    • Tap on the three-horizontal menu at the top left of the screen
    • Tap on Add Account In Sales list Or Add Special Username
    • Enter your Instagram ID, and then click on the Check

  2. Verify your Instagram account
    • To verify Your account in Sebuda, you must add the given verification code to your Instagram bio.

  3. Enter your Instagram account Information.
    • In this step, you must fill the required information, including Category, Data of Joined, OG email, Top Countries, Top Cities, Gender, Age Range, and Description.

  4. Wait for Account Analysis
    • After Sebuda reviews, your account puts on the sales list.
    • If the buyer agrees with your account price, they will pay it to the Sebuda website.
    • The admin receives your account information and checks them carefully
    • If all things went true, you would be asked to give your payment information.
    • The Sebuda admin will pay you.

Final Thought

If you are new to selling Instagram accounts, you may face some challenges first, so choosing the best marketplace you can trust is essential. A reliable buying and selling Instagram account marketplace is an experienced and eligible team with enough successful escrow quality and quantity that prove their expertise and positive client feedback. Also, offering free, comprehensive, and powerful features for buyers and sellers, plus fast efficient customer support, show how this team of professionals will walk you through each escrow step to experience a fast, safe, and satisfied escrow.

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